The history of coffee at the Farm Nascentes da Grama began with the foundation of our town São Sebastião da Grama. With the end of slavery around 1888, immigrants began to arrive and among them were members of the Mapelli family, from northern Italy and knowledgeable in agricultural work.

— Farmer Clayton Mapelli

Cultivated over

Nascentes da Grama, São Sebastião da Grama – Brazil

Excellent climate, rich and volcanic soil, crystalline water mines, mountainous topography with altitudes of up to 1,400m, we have ideal conditions for the production of high quality coffee. We currently cultivate 196 hectares of different varieties of Arabica amid the lush nature of Vale da Grama.

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Background details

150 year later and the “Mapelli” family continues to produce coffees, prioritizing the artisanal way and the very high quality of the beans.

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Coffee Arabica

Red Catuai

Coffee Arabica​


Coffee Arabica​