Raul Assunção Pinto has rooted in his life the coffee farming. Activity that crosses generations in the family, coffee symbolizes family tradition. Raul has been working alongside his two sons, Andre and Allysson and his son-in-law Maurício, joining the family in the activity, following an endless work in search of improvements in the quality of the coffee produced on the properties and in the increase of the productivity of the plants. The properties are in the south of Minas Gerais, with favorable climate and topography to produce good coffees.

— Farmer Raul Assunção Pinto & Sons

Cultivated over

Moinho, Campo das Vertentes – Brazil

Fertilization and foliar applications are performed in the period demanded, with an average of 04 fertilizations and between 04 and 05 foliar applications. Weed control is alternated between herbicide and brush cutters. Pruning is done immediately after harvest. All fields are demarcated and all processes are recorded, generating a traceability system.

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Background details

The harvest is scheduled according to the maturity level of the plots, being performed in a staggered manner since the plots present different maturations. A monitoring of the plots is carried out verifying the level of maturation of each one, since the plots are composed of varieties of early, intermediate and late maturation.

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