Mundo Novo

Producer Renato José Baiardi
Description Milk Chocolate, Almonds, round body and malic acidity
Controlled Fermentation
Monte Carmelo, Minas Gerais
New Jersey
910 meters

After meeting a very special woman natural from Monte Carmelo, and upon meeting her family, I was invited by my future father-in-law to become his partner in a small coffee plantation. As I had experience in agriculture while growing cocoa in the State of Bahia, it was not a hard decision and our partnership began in 1988.

— Farmer Renato José Baiardi

Cultivated over

Juliana, Monte Carmelo – Brazil

Attention to detail in each step is key: From the planting of new areas, cultural treatments in pests and diseases control, monitoring the weeds, pruning and thinning, implementing irrigation in the entire farm, balanced fertilizaton, harvesting, washer, patio, dryer, benefiting and submitting the coffees to storage. This is routine that brings excellence to the cup.

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Background details

We use and support clean and renewable energy sources. We have a mini photovoltaic plant which generates 20 to 30% o four total consumption, reducing costs and environmental impacts. We also produce our own organic compound with coffee straw and manure. The residual water of the coffee washer/pulp remover is enriched with mineral fertilizers and reused.

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