Producer Jorge Fernando Naimeg
Description Sweet, dark chocolate, velvet body, mid acidity, caramel
Monte Carmelo, Minas Gerais
New Jersey
1180 meters

The history of the Naimeg family began in 1957 with the union of Gerson Naimeg and Hercília Mafra, which generated 6 children: José Aparecido, Carlos, Nilza, Gerson, Mauro and Jorge Fernando. In 1962 through much work Gerson conquered his first piece of land in the state of Paraná. As he was a coffee lover in 1965 he planted his first crop with great dedication and incessant work. In the 80's, affected by the strong frosts, Gerson moved to Cerrado Mineiro and continued the activity acquiring his first property in Minas Gerais lands. With the insertion of the children in the business was created the group Naimeg, preserving the work in family.

— Farmer Jorge Fernando Naimeg

Cultivated over

Pantano, Monte Carmelo – Brazil

We are honored to be located in the Cerrado Mineiro Region, a Brazilian coffee origin who was born and developed through the diversity and unity, pioneering and entrepreneurship of coffee growers. Our coffees are grown in areas with altitude varying between 800 to 1.300 meters high, resulting in coffees with an unique identity and the result you find in the cup.

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Background details

Today, with the firm intention of having the best microlots that they can produce, they are investing in alternative processes to increase the microlot score. With planting areas between 800 and 1,300m in altitude, the property is in a region of hot and humid summers and pleasantly dry winters. Lots of microlots for cupping, luckily for our roasters.

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