Red Catuai

Producer José Hiroiti Okuyama
Description Floral, honey, chocolate, caramel, sugar cane, cocoa, red fruits.
Rio Paranaíba, Minas Gerais. Cerrado.
New Jersey
Araras Lugar Anil

My history with coffee, started from childhood. My parents had a small property, which planted coffee in the mold of subsistence agriculture. In 1974, through a pioneering program between government spheres and the defunct Cooperativa Agrícola de Cotia, I acquired my first property where I started growing coffee, whose management was totally traditional, facing several challenges, among them the lack of adequate technology for planting in the country. Cerrado, which still lacked consolidated studies of the most suitable crops for the type of soil. After more than 40 years of the program, business has prospered and multiplied in the acquisition of other properties, which today are part of the partnership with Nucoffee. Since 2003, where I participated in the first quality contest, I have had many positive experiences, such as awards and recognition achieved for all our dedication and focus on the production of quality coffees.

— Farmer José Hiroiti Okuyama

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Background details

Planning starts in April, when we start to study which plot to enter first, according to the degree of maturity and the management objective for the next year, whether it will undergo pruning or not. The harvest usually starts in mid-June and ends in September. In some plots, selective collection is carried out mechanically, generally it is made in plots where their cultivars are more “clinging”.

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