Producer Diogo Tudela Neto
Description Super Sweet, Velvet Body, Ripped Fruit, Low Acidity and Strawberry.
Carmelo, MG
Fazenda Castelhana
1100 meters

Coffee has been present in the Tudela’s family for more than 40 years, which have settled in the Cerrado Mineiro, mainly for the production of quality grains. Today the Fazenda Castelhana is located in the city of Monte Carmelo at 950 meters of altitude, is under the of Diogo Tudela’s administration, following the family succession.

— Farmer Diogo Tudela

Cultivated over

Castelhana, Monte Carmelo – Brazil

As the fruit matures, a monitoring of the plots is done, accompanying each plot so that the decision to start the harvest is taken. When the fruits are at the ideal maturation point, the harvest begins. At Fazenda Castelhana, 20% of the harvest is manual and 80% mechanized, both carried out in order to harvest the maximum of ripe fruits aiming at the quality.

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Background details

The Fazenda Castelhana is Rainforest Alliance certified and Diogo Tudela values the preservation of the environment. The farm has 253 hectares of protected area and support of specialized professionals implanting projects such as reforestation, planting of native trees, raising and preserving of fauna and flora, management and adequate waste disposal.

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