Yellow Catucai

Producer João Newton Teixeira
Description Almonds, caramelized sugar and cocoa.
Campos das Vertentes, Minas Gerais
Santo Antônio/ Pinhal
1300 meters

Pedro Gabarra believes that all those who deal with coffee are passionate about that is why they go beyond business. Pedro is a Business Administrator and one of the owners of Fazenda Santo Antônio e Pinhal. Behind this passion there is the tradition of five generations of pioneers who planted the first coffee plantations in southern Minas Gerais. In addition to the historic Santo Antônio and Pinhal Farm dating from 1824, Pedro and his father, João Newton, inherited the entrepreneurial spirit of their predecessors. Since 1998, when they took over the business, they seek to invest in the qualification of the team and the quality of the coffee produced.

— Farmer João Newton Teixeira

Cultivated over

Santo Antônio/ Pinhal, Campos das Vertentes - Brazil

At Fazenda Santo Antonio and Pinhal, Pedro and João Newton always seek to innovate in terms of processing. All lots harvested are processed in the following ways: Natural, Pulped Natural, Desmucilated and Fermented. And after processing, they are dried according to the lot in different combinations in the following structures: asphalt patio, concrete patio, African bed, rotary dryer and static dryer. The drying process is carried out until the lots reach the humidity of 11.5%, after they pass through a period of rest and then are benefited and stored.

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Background details

Pedro considers as a decisive factor for the quality of coffee, investment in people and environment, for this the farm develops several sports, leisure and environmental education actions that aim to integrate works and communities. For sustainable production the farm also invests in the reforestation of an area that reaches more than 30% of the property, they protects the springs, they use chemicals products in a conscious and safe way, provides training and lectures for the staff, besides guaranteeing the well-being of all employees.

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