A dream that started in 1977 together with 3 friends, we acquired our first farm in the town of Alfenas - MG and started the cultivation of coffee.

— Farmer José Carlos Fernandes

Cultivated over

Itapuan II, Alfenas – Brazil

The climate and the clayey sandy soil of good drainage, deep, of our farm made the difference in the production of specialty coffees with distinct profiles, with many unusual flavors for the Brazilian standard. We accomplished a huge goal this year, which was to get the farm 100% on drip irrigation, allowing us to keep our consistency year after year with homogenous cherries maturation.

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Background details

We collect samples from all micro regions around the farm so we can do the quality map and plan the harvest. We dedicate extra people and equipment to these areas so we can perform a proper selective picking. This Catucai Lot 004/20 was harvested in late August, the coffee was left with over 70% of the mucilage, dried in cement patio for the whole length of the process with average temperature of 20.5C.

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Coffee Arabica​