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Producer Luis da Cunha Sobrinho
Description Yellow fruits, citric fruits, dry fruits, spices and sweet notes.
Pulped Natural
Alta Mogiana, São Paulo
Bela Epoca
1300 meters

The family goes through the third generation of coffee growers who are passionate about culture. It differs from work over more than 20 years in favor of genetic improvement and specialty coffees.

— Farmer Luis da Cunha Sobrinho

Cultivated over

Bela Epoca, Alta Mogiana, SP - Brazil

Located in the Alta Mogiana Region, municipality of Ribeirão Corrente, in the interior of the State of São Paulo, Fazenda Bela Época has grown its coffees for more than 80 years, spanning three generations of coffee-loving producers. With fertile soil, slightly wavy relief and a well-defined microclimate, with rainy summer and dry winter, the farm stands out in the production of specialty coffees.

The entire production process is carried out within the strictest quality and traceability standards, complying with socio-environmental standards, audited by certifiers such as UTZ and RainForest Aliance. We also allocate part of the land to the cultivation of organic coffee, where all production is tracked and certified by IBD – Organic Brazil, JAS Organic (Japan), USDA Organic (USA) and Organic Europe (EU).

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Background details

Recently, we expanded our crops in other areas from Alta Mogiana.We implemented a project in the municipality of Ibaraci, Minas Gerais, with distinct terroirs at 1300 meters of altitude.

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